Mohawk in CNY Business Journal

September 3, 2008
By Michelle Kelley

Source: Kevin Tampone, Writer for The Central New York Business Journal

Mohawk Global Logistics adds Buffalo location

SALINA – Mohawk Global Logistics opened a new office in Buffalo this month, completing its upstate New York footprint.

The shipping logistics firm now has offices in every major upstate city. Headquartered at Syracuse Hancock International Airport, the company has locations in Rochester and Albany in addition to the new Buffalo site.

Gar Grannell, president of Mohawk Global, says the Buffalo operation will begin as a one-person sales office. Within the next year or two, however, he expects a full operation in the city with warehouse space and five to 10 employees.

Companywide, Mohawk Global has 70 employees.

The firm already has a customer base in Buffalo, Grannell says. Being that much closer to those customers will help deepen those relationships.

“We recognize that our clients want us to have an intimate understanding of their entire domestic and international supply chain,” he says. “One way we can accomplish that is by putting an office in their backyard.”

And Grannell expects to generate new business as a result of having a physical presence in the market as well.

“We see a real need for expertise when it comes to regulatory and security compliance,” he says. “There’s a real void we fill there when we move into a new market.”

Regulations and security issues change fast, Grannell says. Customers in new markets are often hungry for the type of expertise and support that logistics firms like Mohawk Global can provide

Mohawk Global handles all of the planning, paperwork, customs work, and coordination for the shipping needs of its customers, which include businesses in sectors like manufacturing, importing, exporting, distribution, electronics, pharmaceuticals, furniture, health care, and heavy machinery.

Buffalo is an especially good place for Mohawk Global because it is close to Toronto, a major international transportation gateway.

Now that Mohawk Global’s upstate footprint is complete, Grannell says he can turn the company’s attention to expanding in other states. The firm plans to explore starting offices in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Boston in the future.

The company’s long-term growth plan includes both geographic expansion and growth within its existing markets, Grannell says.

Grannell adds the company has definitely been affected by the higher shipping and transportation costs its customers have been experiencing.

“We have seen a slowdown,” he says. “No doubt about it.”

The company was founded in 1970. Its original focus was on handling customs work for its customers. Over the years that focus broadened to export and import shipping logistics and about three years ago, the company began working in domestic shipping, Grannell says.

In addition to upstate New York, the company has clients in Virginia, Wisconsin, Illinois, California, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Canada.

The company’s 9,500-square-foot headquarters is on Air Cargo Road. Mohawk Global has a 7,500-square-foot office in Rochester and a 3,000-square-foot venue in Albany.

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