5% Tariff Starting 6/10 on All Mexican Goods—And Increase Each Month

May 31, 2019
By Danielle Leonard

mexicogoods5percent (1)

A five percent tariff will be placed on all goods imported from Mexico—starting June 10—said President Donald Trump. The tariffs will gradually increase, if the immigration situation is not resolved. Starting July 1, the tariffs will go up to 10 percent and then to 15 percent on August 1. If the situation is still not resolved, these tariffs will increase to 20 percent in September and then finally, to 25 percent on October 1. The announcement from the White House clearly states that all goods coming into the U.S. from Mexico, this means that even goods covered under NAFTA will be impacted.

According to the statement from the White house, “If Mexico fails to act, Tariffs will remain at the high level, and companies located in Mexico may start moving back to the United States to make their products and goods. Companies that relocate to the United States will not pay the Tariffs or be affected in any way.”

If you have questions about how this may affect your business, please reach out to your Mohawk customer service representative.