Customize Reports with the GlobalLink Domestic TMS

October 24, 2016
By Danielle Leonard

Reports GlobalLink

Reports should be easy to retrieve, and with our GlobalLink Domestic Transportation Management System (TMS), they are. Create custom reports based on what you want to see.

Let’s say, you want a report on your shipments that have been delivered to a certain city and then invoiced.

To get started, select Loads.


You will find Advanced Search at the top right corner of the screen, click there.

Advance search

This will bring forward a list of fields that will allow you to filter your data.

Advance search dropdown

To retrieve a report on your shipments that have been delivered to a certain city and then invoiced, select Destination City and Load Status from the list of filters.

Select Destination city

Select Load status

Then fill in the fields with what city and status you are looking for and click Search. Closed means delivered and invoiced.

Destination city

Load status

You can customize this report further by showing and hiding certain columns.

 Liverpool Dest complete loads blurred
(Click image to enlarge)

Select Show/Hide Grid by clicking Options.

Show or Hide

Check or uncheck fields to customize your report.

Show or Hide Fields

If you would like to save your search in order to pull up this report in the future, go back to Advanced Search and select Save Search.

Save Search

Now, you can go back and retrieve this report under Saved Searches.

Saved search for future

This feature helps to enhance your reporting experience. To learn more about the GlobalLink Domestic TMS, contact us at