Saudi Arabia Marking Requirements

February 10, 2009
By Michelle Kelley

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Scott Perkins, Export Manager

Effective February 1, the Saudi Customs Authority issued a strict directive stating that the “Country of Origin/Made in…” mark must be identified (engraved or affixed – non-removable sticker) on each item of a shipment. The mark must also be printed on any boxes or cartons.

The Certificate of Origin must mention the same details.

If the shipment originates from a European country, the exact country of origin (instead of “European Union”) of the manufactured or produced item must be identified in the Certificate of Origin. If one package or carton contains shipments from various countries, each item should reflect its specific origin. Any shipments or items arriving without the proper “Country of Origin/Made in…” mark will be refused entry and returned (re-exported), without prior notice, to its origin at the shipper’s or consignee’s expense.

These regulations are effective February 1 for all shipments arriving at the ports and airports of Jeddah, Dammam, and Riyadh.

Failure to follow these new regulations will be treated as a serious offense. The importer of record will be fully responsible for any delays and cost incurred against port penalties, demurrage, detention charges, extra manpower, and related charges.

Please check with your export service representative for further details.