Track and Pay Duties Online with ACE

August 20, 2008
By Michelle Kelley

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Consolidate daily charges (duties, fees, etc.) into one monthly statement.

ACE is the U.S. Customs online account management system for U.S. importers and brokers. Importers who register for a free ACE account can take advantage of the system’s Periodic Monthly Statement feature, a tool for tracking, managing, and paying Customs duties and fees.

Periodic Monthly Statement Features

Get a quickview of pending duties and fees

  • Monitor transactions on a daily basis
  • View details for every entry
  • Create custom accounting reports, charts, and graphs
  • Export reports to a spreadsheet

Change the date that you receive your Periodic Monthly Statement

How to apply for Periodic Monthly Statement

Interested in setting up an account? Contact your Mohawk representative for assistance with the set up process. Once all approvals have been received, Mohawk will activate your company for importer ACH payment capabilities for Periodic Monthly Statement on the date that you specify.

1. Apply for an ACE account.
Download and complete the ACE application. Click the “Submit by E-mail” button on the last page of the form. NOTE: This must be done from a computer at the importer’s premises since a digitally signed copy of the application MUST be emailed from the party applying.
// Download ACE application [PDF]

2. Apply for an importer ACH account.
You must contact the Revenue Division of Customs to obtain an ACH application: call (317) 298-1200 x1098 or email to request a copy. Complete the ACH application and return it via email to or via fax to (317) 298-1259.

3. Apply for Periodic Monthly Statement.
Download the instructions here [PDF].

This article was prompted by a lead from Robert Stein, Director of Entry Services (SYR).