Zika Update: U.S. Shipments to China

August 18, 2016
By Danielle Leonard

Caution sign stating zika virus warning

According to Chinese Authorities, all shipments from the U.S. to China are now required to present a “Mosquito Eradication Certificate” during the customs clearance process. This is due to the recent update stating that the U.S. has been added to the list of countries required to have an anti-mosquito treatment. It is the shipper’s responsibility to obtain the certificate issued by the qualified entities, prior to loading.

For shipments that arrive in China without such a certificate, the consignee may apply for the “Mosquito Eradication Certificate” with the China Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (CQI). The shipper will be responsible for any fumigation service and fees applied by CIQ, which vary by port and location.

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Click here to read the Foreign Agricultural Service’s (FAS) understanding of China’s measures impacting goods exported from the United States in regard to the control of the Zika virus.