Sue K. Nans

Sue K. Nans has over 20 years of experience as an Empowered Official in the manufacturing industry as an export professional. Before joining Mohawk, Sue was a Lead International Licensing Analyst overseeing U.S. export licensing, technical assistance agreements, and manufacturing license agreements. For over 15 years, she mentored and trained employees at Anaren, Saab Sensis, M.S. Kennedy and all new export control employees at Lockheed Martin. She has led, initiated, and performed live export control training to thousands of manufacturing industry employees. She has performed countless audits, which produced more fortified export compliance programs for her clients through improved policies, procedures, forms, and work instructions. She spent several years as a consultant assisting local companies through voluntary disclosures, auditing export programs, formulating new compliant processes, and training personnel. She feels passionate about teaching and sharing pertinent knowledge to those who are willing and eager to learn. Sue has a B.S. in International Trade Management through the International Import-Export Institute at Dunlap-Stone University and a B.A. in Business Administration from Columbia College.