U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) has announced that they will make the REV-603 Trade Refund Report available to customs brokers. Although CBP does not have an effective date, the agency will update the customs broker industry via its Cargo Systems Messaging Service (CSMS). To implement this change, CBP needs to add the Filer code to the report universe and then it will make the report available in the customs broker account type view. Historical data will also be made available, and importers will have access to the report, as well.

Here are the statuses customs brokers will receive:

  • Country of Origin column will indicate if there is a 4811 on file, as to the name of the 4811 party.
  • Address to which the check was mailed.
  • Refund type (Check or ACH).
  • If a check was returned.
  • Newly issued check (grouped together).
  • Check number and check date.
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