Lead with Humility: An Interview with Gar Grannell

October 14, 2015
By Michelle Kelley

Gar Grannell in his office at Mohawk headquarters.

Here are two things you may or may not know about Gar Grannell: He’s an eternal optimist and his love of logistics began on a mango farm of all places.

If you’ve ever met Gar, Mohawk’s President and CEO, then the optimist part probably doesn’t surprise you. Positivity is as ingrained in him as much as his natural ability to lead. In a recent interview with Stan Linhorst of The Post-Standard, Gar shares how both of these traits, as well as his personal history, inform his leadership style today. We learn, for example, the moment he got his taste of leadership; what he believes to be the key to a company’s growth; and how he builds trust with his own staff.

Read the full interview, here.

Gar Grannell is co-owner of Mohawk Global Logistics and a member of the Franklin Supply Chain Advisory Board at Syracuse University. He’s been named one of Central New York’s “40 under 40″ in recognition for his business accomplishments and community involvements. Click here to read more about Gar.