Time Flies When You’re In Germany

July 20, 2017
By Danielle Leonard

Brianne Victor and Serengeti Park

Pictures courtesy of Brianne Victor. (Click photos to enlarge.)

Brianne Victor, Export Coordinator in our Buffalo, NY office, flew out to Bremen, Germany through our employee foreign exchange program, to live, work, and explore for three months. During her last month abroad, Brianne rode through Serengeti Park, took a train to Prague, visited the castles of Germany, and celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of ILT—a freight forwarder located in Bremen, Germany.

Serengeti Park

Brianne describes Serengeti Park as, “Kilimanjaro-Safari-in-Disney-World meets African-Lion-Safari-in-Hamilton-Ontario. For those of you that haven’t been to either, it’s basically a zoo taken to the next level that you drive your car through. There are elephants, lions, tigers, rhinos, monkeys—you name it.”

Serengeti Park  Serengeti Park  Serengeti Park Rhinos


She journeyed through Prague; “I showed up to where I was supposed to meet for my tour shortly after arriving and apparently I was the only person to sign up! I thought it was going to be extremely awkward, taking my solo tour of the city, but it actually worked out fine. I was able to ask all of the questions I wanted and when I wanted to stop to take a picture, or ten, I wasn’t making a whole group of people wait for me.”

Guard in Prague  Bridge in Prague  Prague


For her last week, Brianne decided to squeeze in some last-minute sightseeing and traveled from Bremen to Munich to visit the castles of Germany. “I had a route mapped out of what I wanted to see based on some serious Pinterest research; but after talking to some colleagues and reading an article my mom sent me, my route slightly changed along the way.”

Burg Eltz, Germany  Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany  Hohsnschwangau Castle, Germany

ILT Turns Twenty-Five

Brianne spent her last Friday at ILT mingling.; “It’s not often you get into a room full of people not only in the same industry as you, but also who at some point in their own lives, have probably done the same job as you before climbing to the top. For me, this was probably the highlight of my trip—even over all of the traveling I’ve done!”

ILT's anniversary party  Brianne at ILT's anniversary party  ILT's anniversary party

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