All About ACE

September 19, 2014
By Michelle Kelley

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U.S. Customs recently released their ACEopedia to educate importers, exporters, and the trade community on current and upcoming capabilities of the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE).

Those new or just getting started with ACE will want to check out this great informational resource, which gives a general overview of what ACE is all about.

The ACEopedia covers

  • Single Window Implementation: Why and how ACE will become the new primary system for processing import and export trade data by December 2016.
  • ACE Import Capabilities: Details about ACE import manifest, cargo release, entry summary capabilities and planned upgrades for each of these functions.
  • Plans for ACE Export Filing: Briefing on new export filing capabilities in the works for air, ocean, rail, and truck manifests.
  • ACE Portal: Features and benefits for ACE portal account holders, how to apply, and how to check the status of your application.
  • Periodic Monthly Statements: Introduction to this accounting add-on which helps streamline payment of duties and fees. The add-on is only available to ACE account holders.

Download the ACEopedia here.

Already have an ACE Portal account?

Make sure you’re using a compatible operating system, browser, and Java Runtime. If you’re having trouble accessing the portal or running reports, incompatible software is the likely culprit.

ACE Secure Data Portal: Supported Software
See CBP’s website, here, for the most up-to-date software requirements. The current supported software types include:

Windows Vista
Internet Explorer 7, 8, or 9
Java Runtime (JRE) Version- Min: 1.6 / Max: 1.7.0_25

Windows 7
Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, or 11
Java Runtime (JRE) Version- Min: 1.6 / Max: 1.7.0_25

Windows 8
Internet Explorer 10
Java Runtime (JRE) Version- Min: 1.6 / Max: 1.7.0_25

Please note:

  • Business Objects (for ACE Reports) components are 32-bit and can be used in 64-bit operating systems.
  • Touchscreen interactions are not supported.
  • Business Objects (for ACE Reports) support for Windows XP ended in April 2014, when Microsoft ended its support for XP.

In addition, it is recommended that ACE Portal users have:

  • a Portable Document Format (PDF) file viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat
  • Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word or similar office document products to work with files interchange via the portal