C-TPAT for Exporters

April 20, 2012
By Michelle Kelley

It’s official: U.S. Customs plans to open C-TPAT to exporters.

At a recent trade conference in Newport, RI, a C-TPAT official revealed that Customs is planning on creating an export component to accompany the import based security program. (Source)

Though still in its early stages, Customs is working towards the goal of establishing mutual recognition for C-TPAT member exporters in EU countries with the Authorized Economic Operator program. C-TPAT importers already benefit from the fact that C-TPAT and the EU program are seen as having compatible security requirements. As a result, U.S. importers are eligible for quicker clearances at the U.S. border and sometimes from the exporting EU country (such benefits usually require a separate treaty between the U.S. and each EU country).

C-TPAT participating exporters would likewise reap similar benefits in EU countries where the U.S. has negotiated mutual recognition. This is good news for exporters looking for smoother Customs clearances abroad.