UPDATED: Chinese New Year Extended

January 28, 2020
By Danielle Leonard

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UPDATE (1/30/2020): Major port cities in China are now pushing back their return date to 2/10, this includes the Guangdong Providence where the Port of Yantian is located. In addition to this, many airlines are cancelling flights to and from China for extended lengths of time. Major disruptions are expected. 

In response to the outbreak of the Coronavirus in China, the Chinese government has announced an extension of the Lunar New Year holiday. Previously expected to conclude on Friday Jan 31st, the holiday has now been extended beyond this date.

As the virus has disproportionately affected the Northern portion of the country, the date for returning to work can vary depending on region. Below are the updated dates for conclusion of the holiday:

City Office Reopening
Shanghai Feb 10
Ningbo Feb 10
Xiamen Feb 10
Tianjin Feb 3
Qingdao Feb 10
Dalian Feb 3
Beijing Feb 3
Wuhan Feb 14
Chongqing Feb 10
Guangzhou Feb 10
Shenzhen Feb 10
Zhongshan Feb 10
Hong Kong Feb 3

The February 10th extension will likely cause significant disruption and capacity constraints once commerce is allowed to return. For those regions remaining closed past February 3, our origin teams will have some staff working from home to assist as much as possible in their limited capacity.

Further actions may be taken as the Chinese government work to contain the spread of the outbreak. We will continue to monitor the situation and follow up with any significant updates to this announcement, especially as it relates to further disruption of the supply chain.

Our thoughts are with those in China and those affected by the outbreak.