LA/Long Beach Increase PierPass-Related Fee

June 25, 2012
By Michelle Kelley

The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will increase the Traffic Mitigation Fee by $1.50 per 20-foot equivalent unit (TEU) beginning on August 1.

The increase will bring current fee levels to $61.50 (20′ containers) and $123 (40′ containers).

Last August, marine terminal operators announced that they would begin increasing the Traffic Mitigation Fee (TMF) annually, to offset labor cost increases.

The Traffic Mitigation Fee covers the cost of the night and weekend shifts created by the PierPass OffPeak program. Designed to reduce congestion at the ports, the OffPeak program provides financial incentive to move cargo outside of peak hours by charging the Traffic Mitigation Fee for container moves made Monday-Friday, 3am to 6pm.

PierPass press release announcing fee increase [pdf]