Pair of Typhoons Shuts Down Southern China

July 10, 2015
By Michelle Kelley

Typhoon from above

Thousands have been evacuated throughout southern China following landfall of Typhoon Linfa earlier this week and in anticipation of incoming Typhoon Chan-hom.

Typhoon Linfa hit the southern coast of China on Thursday, prompting the closure of Hong Kong International Airport that afternoon.

Chan-hom is expected to touch down on Saturday in Fujian or Zhejiang province. Weather officials are predicting the storm to reach as far north as Shanghai before shifting northeast towards the Yellow Sea.

Air, sea, and rail transportation will be severely limited along the southern and northern coasts of China over the next several days. Shipping delays should be expected for freight moving in and out of these areas.

China issues highest-level alert as Chan-hom heads for south-eastern coast (Guardian News)


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