Take Action: Setup ACE Portal Now to Review Importer Security Filings (ISF)

May 23, 2014
By Kenton Grimes

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Good news for importers–in a recent ISF enforcement notice, (read more about the notice from our trusted partner Avalon Risk Management), U.S. Customs will not be issuing liquidated damage claims (penalties) for ISF violations that occurred prior to 5/13/14. Customs will review claims again in 12 months.

How should importers respond to this announcement? Take Action. Sign in to your ACE portal account to get visibility of your Importer Security Filings (ISF). View your ISF history in the portal and measure your risk for penalties going forward. You can then use that information to work with your service provider on improving your ISF processing program and reduce the occurrence of late or incorrect filings.

Don’t have an ACE Portal account? To learn how to set up and use ACE portal, as well as how to subscribe to ISF Progress Reports, contact Mohawk at 1-800-996-6429 or info@mohawkglobal.com.

Kenton Grimes is Cleveland General Manager for Mohawk Global Logistics. Read more about Kenton here.