US Customs Delays New Seal Standards for C-TPAT Members

February 28, 2012
By Michelle Kelley

Creating a tamper-proof container seal is a lot harder than it looks. U.S. Customs is delaying implementation of new ISO 17712-2010 high security seal standards because laboratories cannot meet the tamper evidence requirement.

The ISO is working on revising the standards.

Until this recent announcement, U.S. Customs had been encouraging all C-TPAT members to use up their current stock of ISO/PAS 17712 high security seals, in lieu of a new standard. C-TPAT companies may continue to use the 17712 standard until further notice.

The new standard had more stringent compliance requirements, including process auditing of the manufacturer’s security practices and 18mm minimum width diameter requirement for bolt seals, in addition to indicating evidence of tampering.

Benefits of the new standard had been touted by Customs as reducing the risk of cargo theft/tampering and making compromised seals easier to detect. No word yet from Customs on the new effective date.