Web Tool Simplifies Export Screening

December 24, 2014
By Michelle Kelley

Screenshot of Consolidated Screening List tool

Let’s face it–no one gets excited about export screening. Until recently, it consisted of going to a government website, downloading some Excel files, and then combing through seemingly endless rows of data to confirm that your potential party wasn’t included.

U.S. exporters will be happy to learn that the Department of Commerce just made the export screening process a whole lot simpler.

The new Consolidated Screening List at trade.gov makes the initial stage of the export screening process super simple. If you can do a Google search, you can use this tool.

Users can search by keyword, country, as well as one or all of the nine screening lists that exporters are required to check. Simply type part of the name of your potential party and hit the search button. The tool will list all the potential matches within its database. Users can then click on any of the search results to view additional information about the entity, including alternative names, the source list, and even the date of birth for certain individuals.

This user-friendly web tool will soon become a staple of every U.S. exporter’s screening process, since exporters are required to screen potential parties to a transaction before shipping. Should a party appear on one of the screening lists, it’s important that the exporter be aware of any additional compliance requirements associated with that designation (such as licensing, country restrictions, or sanctions).

Consolidated Screening List
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