Customs Brokerage

When you import into this country, your business is on the line. A single piece of missing or incorrect information on a customs entry can cost you thousands in exam fees, delays, penalties, and fines.

With 15% of staff holding a Customs broker license, Mohawk Global has the knowledge and experience to make sure your entries are compliant with all government requirements. Our brokerage services include:

  • Clearance
  • Classification guidance
  • ACE Portal Setup & Reporting
  • Landed Cost Analysis
  • Vessel Manifest Confidentiality
  • Prior Disclosures
  • Duty Deferral Programs
  • Reconciliation
  • Duty and Penalty Mitigation

Our consulting division, Mohawk Global Trade Advisors, offers additional support with:

  • Customs Site Visits
  • Focused Assessment
  • NAFTA and Other Free Trade Agreements
  • Compliance Programs, Evaluations, and Audits

Find out more at Mohawk Global Trade Advisors.

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