New Quick Track Feature

March 29, 2013
By Michelle Kelley

Today we announce one of the most exciting features of our new website‒Quick Track.

Quick Track gives you access to your shipment’s tracking information, like departure and delivery dates, by simply entering a PO number, no login required.

The feature works for both international and domestic shipments and only shows anonymous shipment data, keeping your company’s proprietary information confidential.

What you’ll need

For international shipments, you’ll need a PO number, house bill number, or MGL file number.

For U.S. domestic tracking, you’ll need a MGL number, PO number, or customer reference number.

How it works

Move your mouse over the “Quick Track” button on our homepage,


Click in the “Tracking Code” field and type your number (see “What you’ll need” above). Then press Enter on your keyboard.


Quick Track pulls up the details for your shipment, including anticipated and actual arrival dates (actual dates will populate as they occur).