Three Cheers for Our Newest Licensed Customs Brokers!

May 25, 2016
By Michelle Kelley

In photo, from left to right: Kari Aiduk, Kelsey Polanski, and Alex Blasi.

Hats off to Kari Aiduk, Import CHB Supervisor; Kelsey Polanski, Import Transportation Supervisor; and Alexa Blasi, Customs & Trade Compliance Assistant, for achieving one of highest credentials in the logistics industry—licensed U.S. Customs broker.

We’ve written about the magnitude of this achievement before, in this article. One would be hard pressed to find another professional license exam more difficult than the broker’s exam. Suffice to say, you’ve got to be on top of your game to become a licensed broker. To that end, please join us in congratulating Kari, Kelsey, and Alexa–who all hail from our Syracuse branch–for accomplishing such a feat.

When asked about their achievement, each expressed gratitude for the family, friends, and co-workers who supported them as they prepared for the exam.

“We’re incredibly grateful to everyone for being there, especially as we not-so-patiently waited for our scores,” said Kari, referring to the amount of time it takes to learn if you passed or failed. Customs usually releases results about six weeks after the exam.

“It was a long roller coaster of a ride,” said Alexa Blasi, who—like Kelsey and Kari—says she spent six months preparing for the exam.

“We’re all ecstatic to have our licenses,” said Kelsey. The three of them join the ranks of approximately 11,000 active licensed Customs brokers in the United States, according to U.S. Customs & Border Protection.

About our newest licensed brokers

Kari Aiduk is a graduate of Niagara University (B.A.) and has worked at Mohawk Global for five years. Kelsey Polanski, a graduate of LeMoyne College (M.B.A.), has been with the company for three years. Also a graduate of LeMoyne College (B.S.), Alexa Blasi has been on staff for two years. All three women are certified Customs specialists in addition to being licensed Customs brokers.

In photo, from left to right: Kari Aiduk, Kelsey Polanski, and Alexa Blasi. 

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