Section 301 Tariffs to be Imposed on E.U. 10/18/19

October 3, 2019
By Danielle Leonard

eu tariffs

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) has published a list of European Union (E.U.) products that will be subject to additional Section 301 tariffs of 10% or 25%, effective October 18, 2019. The Section 301 proclamation comes as a result of U.S. concerns over the European subsidies to Airbus Industries, an aircraft manufacturer that competes with Boeing in the world aviation market, particularly in the large civil aircraft segment. We can anticipate retaliatory duties from the E.U. once the proclamation is published in the Federal Register.

We will update you once there are more details on how the effective date will be applied, which should be explained in the upcoming Federal Register Notice. Please reach out to your Mohawk Global customer service representative with any questions.