Visualize Your Domestic Shipments with GlobalLink

June 27, 2016
By Danielle Leonard

Shipment visibility is a feature in the GlobalLink Domestic Transportation Management System (TMS) that allows you to easily visualize your shipping data in one place. The data is displayed in a vibrant and interactive dashboard that organizes shipments by

  • Net charges
  • Open loads by consignee
  • Open loads by mode
  • Open loads by carrier
  • Open loads by status


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The interactive aspect of this dashboard displays tracking numbers, brings you to the carrier’s website, maps out the transit routes, sorts billing information and more. To access these features, for instance, you can click on one of the pie segments and it will bring you to this information.

Here is a closer look at each piece of the dashboard.

Bar graph lableled net charges

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The Net Charges are presented in a bar graph, showing charges for each month for twelve months.

Pie chart labeled Open loads by consignee

Open Loads by Consignee lets you know what shipments have yet to be transported to each receiving party.

Pie chart labeled open loads by mode

This pie chart for Open Loads by Mode compares Less than Truckload (LTL) and Truckload (TL) shipments.

Pie chart labeled open loads by carrier

In Open Loads by Carrier, each carrier has its own assigned color that conveniently shows you which carriers have outstanding loads at a quick glance.

Pie chart labeled open loads by status

The last visual, Open Loads by Status, gives an overall look at the general status of your shipments by the percentage of shipments that have been accepted, compared to those in transit or already delivered.

This user-friendly system makes tracking your shipments stress-free and is offered at no cost. If you’re not a GlobalLink Domestic TMS user, give us a call at 1-800-996-6429, we would be happy to set you up.