Therese Straigis standing on a balcony in Italy.

This April, Therese Straigis, Assistant Business Development Manager in our Syracuse, NY office, flew to Italy and began her three-month journey through our employee foreign exchange program.

What is this program?

The exchange program provides an opportunity for our employees to immerse themselves in a foreign country and bring back what they’ve learned. Mohawk employees who are accepted into the program spend 90 days working for one of Mohawk’s agent partners overseas. Likewise, Mohawk hosts employees of our agent’s facilities to have a similar experience.

In fact, we’ve recently welcomed Francesca Gobbetti from Visa Global Logistics to Mohawk. She will be staying with us for 90 days, during this employee swap.

Mohawk in Italy

To share her journey with us, Therese has created a blog where she talks about her adventures in Italy. Her blog gives us insight into her daily activities, wanderings, and how she’s been transitioning into her new office. Therese’s recent entries highlight meeting her new Italian colleagues, biking through Vicenza, food, and more.

Visit her blog to see the sights and read more about her adventures in Italy.

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