Mohawk Global cares personally—for each other, their clients, and for their community.

As Mohawk Global, a leading supply chain services provider, grew from a one-office operation to an ever-growing workforce across the country, its care for the communities in which it operates has also  strengthened. Throughout the last decade, Mohawk Global has donated over $500,000 to community organizations and individual needs through its Charitable Fund. The fund consists of Mohawk matched employee contributions that are donated to employee sponsored causes. The fund committee focuses on directly reaching individuals who are most in need in Mohawk Global’s local communities.

The company is now raising the bar for their community support, with the “Mohawk Global Giveback” program. Mohawk Global Giveback consists of three categories of service, created to empower employees to reinvest in their communities and the environment through volunteerism and charitable giving.

“Our Vision is to enrich the lives of all of Mohawk’s stakeholders, which includes the communities in which we live. Our people are passionate about giving back and we love and support them for this,” said Chairman and CEO, Gar Grannell.

The Charitable Fund will continue to sponsor causes brought to the employee committee, while the Mohawk Global Giveback program will enhance the reinvestment into its communities through volunteer opportunities where Mohawk Global has an office location.

“The Charitable Fund has generously contributed to organizations and individuals through monetary donations for years, and we look forward to continuing to do those great things,” said Jennifer Sweetland, Mohawk Global Engagement Specialist. “The Mohawk Global Giveback program takes our commitment to a whole new level and our people could not be more excited.”

The company will also focus on providing mentorship and learning opportunities to high school and collegiate students through Mohawk Global Giveback. This will expand programs already in place at the Syracuse headquarters to the other office communities.

Mohawk Global Giveback’s environmental commitment strives to reduce the business’s carbon footprint, work to add green offices, and volunteer to help cleanup and restore green spaces in local communities to make our planet a better place for ourselves and future generations.

“Our people are looking forward to further serve, become more involved and affect real change in their communities.” Sweetland added.

For further information on the program please visit the Mohawk Global Giveback webpage.

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