On August 2, 2019, Mohawk Global Logistics began operating a new service in Syracuse, NY designed to terminate import containers and make them available for use as export containers. This new product called Mohawk Global Container Exchange (MGCX) is an economic growth initiative we developed to support and promote the efficient and cost-effective transport of international cargo containers through the Port of New York and New Jersey to and from Central New York and the surrounding region.

MGCX is a pooling operation which stages empty containers for export loads, so they can be returned to the port via rail. This combination of one-way rail-truck service includes same day booking and loading, and is a lower-cost option to transporting containers via all-truck. Serving a 125-mile radius around Syracuse, this new service appeals to exporters in our region that include manufacturing, farming, agriculture, soybeans, and forest products by connecting them to the global marketplace with more cost-effective options.

We are changing the way cargo moves in and out of our region from roundtrip trucking to more efficient one-way rail/truck combination. The MGCX operation eliminates the empty trucking leg of regular round-trip truck service by pairing with rail to convert locally sourced empty containers to fully loaded export shipments back to the port.

Environmental benefits include a reduction in the number of trucks that move in and out of the congested gates at the port, elimination of empty container moves on the highways, and conversion of truck miles to more efficient rail miles for much of the 250-mile journey. In addition to lower transportation costs, this green initiative results in a reduction of the carbon footprint and reduces wear and tear on our highways.

Mohawk Global Logistics has partnered with CSX on an interim project to support the conversion from truck to rail as CSX continues the development of their Syracuse/DeWitt Intermodal terminal.

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