Shriners Children’s Boston hospital is an exclusive pediatric verified burn center in New England, also specializing in pediatric palate care and reconstruction surgery. Their team of medical experts provide care with innovative treatment and compassion. Mohawk Global is honored to partner with Shriners Children’s Boston through the Mohawk Global Giveback program.

In April 2022, team members across all Mohawk Global offices gathered at our Syracuse Headquarters for a week of training. As part of a team building exercise, the group was tasked with building six fully functional wheelchairs, manufactured by MedLine Industries. With a bit of sweat and tears from laughter, these wheelchairs brought our team together for more than improving skills in teamwork.

The six wheelchairs were created for donations to the Shriners Children’s Boston hospital.

Gar Grannell, Mohawk Global CEO & Chairman, Alicia Kirkby, CPO and Jennifer Sweetland, Engagement Specialist, traveled to Boston on May 16 to deliver the wheelchairs alongside several members of our Boston office, including Don Quinn, General Manager, Chris Diamond, Chris Grannell, Gigi Prete, Ann Moors and Nivea Sena-Mathurin.

The team at the Boston Shriners Hospital is so appreciative of Mohawk Global’s generosity in donating six new patient wheelchairs to our clinical department! We are delighted to begin our partnership in such an impactful way,” said Amy Karewa, Senior Development Officer, Donor Development of Shriners Children’s Boston.

This donation is the first official initiative under the Mohawk Global Giveback program and is the beginning of a meaningful relationship between our Boston office and Shriners Children’s Boston.

“It’s a privilege and an honor for Mohawk Global’s Boston team to be included in our first Mohawk Global Giveback initiative. We are committed to giving back to our community and helping others. The entire Boston team looks forward to future volunteer opportunities in partnership with Shriners Children’s Boston hospital,” said Don Quinn, General Manager.

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