Throughout my life, I have had a passion for helping people. Mohawk’s Vision is to enrich the lives of our people who will in turn enrich our clients, suppliers and communities. This people-first approach along with our values Enrich, Care and Deliver drive every decision at Mohawk. We strive to help every team member fulfill their talents and dreams both personally and professionally.

My journey into the field of logistics began when I was 16 years old and working on a mango farm in Ponce, Puerto Rico.  We moved to Puerto Rico from New Jersey when I was 13 to be closer to my grandparents who had retired on the island. My grandmother was born in Aguadilla, PR. I loaded boxes of mangos into refrigerated containers for export to Europe. The idea that mangos were grown and sold locally for pennies per pound but when shipped overseas would sell for dollars per pound intrigued me.

Upon arriving on the campus as a freshman at Syracuse University, I met my advisor, Dr. Theodore Wallin, who happened to be the Director of the Supply Chain Program at the School of Management. As a work-study in the supply chain program, one of the responsibilities I had was to assist guest lecturers during their stay on campus for the Harry E. Salzberg Memorial Lecture Program, an award given to distinguished practitioners and companies in the field of logistics and supply chain. It was a unique opportunity for me to spend time with executives of some of the largest and well-known companies in the world.

 In 1988, Bob Delaney, Vice President of Cass Information Systems said to me. “Young man, the attention and care you provided during my stay was extraordinary. I urge you to seek a career in the service industry. I can envision you leading a very successful service company someday.” These words inspired me to pursue a career in the transportation service industry.

After graduating from Syracuse University in 1988 with a degree in Marketing and Supply Chain Management, I went to work for CF Airfreight. The company sent me along with 15 other recruits to Indianapolis for an 8-week training program. Upon completion of the program, I was sent back to Syracuse as a sales executive. In 1989, CF purchased Emery Worldwide, a large multinational air freight company and adopted the Emery name because of its large fleet of aircraft and global reach.

In 1990, I was ready for a new challenge and took a job with John V. Carr & Son, Inc. as an account executive in Syracuse. John V. Carr was a large Customs broker and freight forwarder based in Detroit, MI. The company had acquired Mohawk Customs & Shipping Corp. in 1988. In 1992, I was promoted to District Sales Manager for John V. Carr.

John V. Carr is where I met the individuals who I would eventually partner with to start a Customs broker and freight forwarding company. In 1993, we opened our doors and brought back the name Mohawk Customs & Shipping. I became President & CEO in 2005. The company was rebranded as Mohawk Global Logistics in 2006. In February 2019, I became sole owner of Mohawk. At the encouragement of one of Mohawk’s clients, I attended my first Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit in Austin, TX in 2016. The experience inspired me to become an even more conscious leader and to work with Mohawk’s leadership team to create a more conscious culture. I continue to be an active member in the Central New York Chapter of Conscious Capitalism which promotes elevating humanity through business by “demonstrating what it means to have a purpose beyond profit, cultivating their conscious leadership and culture throughout their business’ entire ecosystem and focusing on long-termism by prioritizing stakeholder orientation instead of shareholder primacy.”