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As most offices have returned to work, business in China is slowly ramping back up with limited staff. The disruption caused by coronavirus presents serious challenges that greatly impact predictability for a return to normal operations. Staying in touch with your supply chain partners is crucial.

Here are some key questions to consider for preparing your supply chain.

  • Do you know when your factories project production will be back in full?
  • Do your suppliers have inventory in storage that they can ship as soon as possible?
  • How does this schedule match up with your current inventory levels?
  • Do you have alternate domestic or foreign sources for this product?
  • Have you determined which POs need to ship first, so we can prioritize those shipments for you?
  • Have you increased your budget for air freight?
  • Does your corporate insurance cover this type of business disruption?
  • Have you established a line of communication with your domestic services providers?


Some of the significant updates to the current situation are as follows,

  • Zhongshan Customs and transportation continue to await government approval to resume normal operations.
  • Zhongshan COHESION office awaits approval to resume normal operations.
  • Fuzhou COHESION office awaits approval to resume normal operations.
  • Wuhan Customs and transportation remain undetermined as to a granted operations date.
  • Wuhan COHESION office pending approval to return to normal operations by 2/21.
  • Qingdao customs broker to resume normal operations by 2/24.
  • Qingdao carriers ONE and HMM will continue normal operations on 2/24.
  • Chongqing COHESION office awaits official approval to resume normal operations, staff working from home.
  • Ningbo trucking companies are limited in drivers and some remain unapproved to resume operations.

We understand the severity of the situation and will reach out to you directly with updates—as we receive them—regarding your specific shipments. Please continue to communicate with your factories and keep your Mohawk customer service representative close to your supply chain needs so we can assist with mitigating any disruptions.

Click here for a spreadsheet with updates on each city.

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