Ocean carriers and their respective empty container receiving terminals are applying various charges to drayage companies and freight forwarders (FF) due to damage or improper cleaning of empty containers upon their return.

In an effort to prevent such charges, we must stress that every effort be made to document the state of a container at the time of unloading and notify your forwarder of any exceptions found.

Points to emphasize be verified at the time of container receipt:

  1. Verification of door opening / closing at the time of seal cutting
  2. Verification of the container interior at the time of unloading (damages- holes in roof or sides, cleaning of debris / stains)
  3. Condition of floor after unloading of cargo (holes / loose planks – missing screws, stains, other irregularities)

Any of the above conditions require digital photos and immediate notification to your trucker and FF.

If the container is delivered and snow has accumulated during the time of unloading, the snow must be removed prior to the empty being picked up for return to the terminal. 

It is best practice to require suppliers at origin to inspect and document the condition of the containers prior to loading them. They should reject any containers with holes and send photos of any other concerns that might be charged at destination. Our mutual efforts will only benefit all parties and avoid any unnecessary charges.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Mohawk Global representative.

By Clarissa Chiclana

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