As COVID-19 cases increase in India, several state governments have ordered lockdowns or curfews. These restrictions could continue until end of the month. The following are major updates we are seeing regarding the impact on commerce.

  • Manufacturing—Manufacturing in India has come to a near standstill.
  • Airports—More and more countries are restricting passenger travels to and from India. Import of oxygen cylinders are now permitted duty free and can be sent across as gifts. India has banned the exports of COVID-19 related pharmaceuticals.
  • Ports—Mundra is still impacted by a bottleneck of containers and is operating at 50 percent because many crane operators are unavailable due to COVID-19 protocols.
  • Custom Clearances/Transportation—Essential services are continuing; however, the driver shortage is restricting land movements.

We are monitoring the situation and will advise updates, as they emerge.

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