The Commodity Classification Standards Board (CCSB) has announced a series of National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) changes effective, August 15, 2020. These changes may impact anyone with less than truckload (LTL) shipments of the specified commodities listed below.

The NMFC Guide can be complex, fortunately, our team has a firm understanding of how it works. If you have questions about these changes or if there are other NMFC updates that might impact your shipments, reach out to our domestic team.

Athletic or Sporting Goods15520Some items are added and amended within the verbiage. Specifically, bodyboards, kickboards, kneeboards, paddleboards, sailboards (with or without sails), and surfboards. NMFC 15520 will apply on these items, so long as they do not exceed 96 inches. Should these items exceed 96 inches, NMFC 24670 will apply.
Pools or Pool Kits17050Classification will change to a three sub density break
New item – Boats24650Inflatable, deflated, with or without rigid hull or deck sections, Boats, NOI, Catamarans, Kayaks, Lifeboats, Life Rafts or Rescue Boats, Pedal Boats, Rigid Inflatable Boats – NMFC 24650, Three tier density-based class scale.
New item – Boats or Boat Sections, viz24670Classification will be based on packaging and greatest dimension.
Boats and life Rafts24540Cancelled. Provisions moved to NMFC 24650
Boats, plastic other than foam plastic24665Cancelled. Provisions moved to NMFC 24670
Boats, plastic, molded constructions24666Cancelled. Provisions moved to NMFC 24670
Life Rafts25000Cancelled. Provisions moved to NMFC 24650
Sailboats25230Cancelled. Provisions moved to NMFC 24670
Personal Waterlcraft (jet skis, water jets)25095Class will be increased from the current 150 to 175.
Doors, mirrored34300Cancelled with all provisions moved to the existing NMFC item 34265 for Doors, NOI.
Doors34265Verbiage will be updated to remove the restriction for “other than rolling”.
Doors, rolling34400Description will be changed from “rolling” to “roll-up”.
Doors, Partitions or Exterior Shutters34500Description will be changed from “rolling” to “roll-up”
New item – Boxes or Cartons, fiberboard or paperboard, NOI29785Classes will be based on the standard 11 sub density scale
Boxes: Fiberboard, Paper, Paperboard or Pulpboard and Cellulose Film or Plastic Film29205Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 29785
Boxes: Fiberboard, Paper, Paperboard or Pulpboard, with wooden frames29242Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 29785
Boxes: Fiberboard, Paper, Paperboard or Pulpboard, without wooden frames29250Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 29785
Boxes: Fiberboard, Paper, Paperboard or Pulpboard, without wooden frames, SU29285Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 29785
Boxes: Lunch, empty, fiberboard29400Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 29785
New item – Cans or Tubes, mailing or packaging, fiberboard or paperboard, with or without components of other materials29860Four sub density scale
Cans, fiberboard, paper or paperboard, straight sided29030Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 29860
Boxes, cylindrical, or Bottles or Cans, fiberboard, paper, or paperboard29760Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 29860
Cans, fiberboard, paper or paperboard, taper sided29820Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 29860
Cans, fiberboard or paperboard, cone shaped29840Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 29860
New item – Cocktail Mixes or Mixers, liquid, nonalcoholic72560Single CL 70 Rating
New item – Honey, NOI73450Single CL 60 Rating
New item – Molasses or Syrups, not medicated, viz.74095Single CL 65 Rating
New item – Popcorn, shelled, not popped – NMFC 7431074310If contained in popping containers, such as microwavable popcorn, class 70. Otherwise, class 65.
New item – Prepared Foods, cooked or not cooked, dry or other than dry, viz74495Four sub density scale
New item – Vinegar, liquid75400Single CL 60 Rating
Bouillon, cubes or granular72190Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 74495
Dinner or Soup Ingredients, dry, in individual-serving cups or with microwavable cooking or serving trays or dishes72780Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 74495
Food, prepared, NOI73200Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 74495
Foodstuffs, other than frozen, Group I73227The following have been removed, with provisions moved to one of the newly created items. Items not listed will remain. Cider Syrup, Cocktail Mix, Honey, Ingredients (Dinner) Molasses or Syrup, Pizza Pie Mix, Rice, Soups including broths or chowders other than dry
Foodstuffs, other than frozen, Group III73250Coconut, prepared – removed. Popcorn, shelled, not popped – removed. No further changes.
Pasta, other than frozen, including Chow Mein Noodles, Maccaroni, Spaghetti or Vermicelli, not cooked74250Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 74495
Popcorn, shelled, not popped, in popping containers74300Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 74310
Soup or Soup Ingredients, dry74820Cancelled. Moved to 74495
Syrup, corn, rye, sorghum, etc.75150Cancelled. Moved to 74095
Syrup, malt or malted75180Cancelled. Moved to 74095
Broilers, Grills, Roasters or Stoves25861, 25863, 25864, 25866Verbiage updated in these items for clarification and simplification
Broilers, Grills, Roaster or Stoves25865Classification will be updated to a three sub density break, removing the current provisions
Burners (Burner Heads), gas appliance25885Updated verbiage, with classes now based on two density-driven sub groups
New Item – Grandstands, Bleachers or Stadium Chairs or Seats, hand-portable, folded89790Single CL 125 Rating
New item – Grandstands or Bleachers, collapsed, folded or unassembled, Grandstand, Bleacher or Stadium Seats, other than hand-portable; or Parts thereof89795Classification will be based on both greatest dimension and density
Bleachers or Grandstands, metal or wood, KD, telescoped or collapsed; or Parts thereof89803Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 89795
Chairs, portable grandstand, KD flat89805Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 89790
Parts, bleacher or grandstand, etc89810Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 89795
Seats, grandstand or stadium, or Parts thereof89816Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 89795
Seats, stadium, other than hand-portable89818Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 89795
Curtain Poles or Rods55190Verbiage is being updated to include “metal and wood” as well as a note to allow for accompanying hardware. Class will change to a single class 100 rating, from the current class based on material
Flammable Solid, Spontaneously Combustable or Dangerous When Wet Materials44515A new item for self-reactive materials will be created, with those provisions being removed from this item
New item – Self-reactive Materials46047Applies on Hazard Class 4, Division 4.1. Class will be based on temperature regulation needs, as well as hazard type.
Gates, doorway, hallway, porch or stairway86310Classes will be amended to a three sub density break, from the current listed provisions
Peanuts, in shell, boiled or roasted, in bags, boxes or drums141800Some clarification to the verbiage, with an increase from class 65 to class 85
Peanuts, shelled, salted or not salted, other than raw, in boxes, drums or pails, or in Packages141820Some clarification to the verbiage, with an increase from class 65 to class 70
Irons (Flatirons or Sadirons)62285Verbiage is updated for clarification, with class increasing to 125 from the current 77.5
New item – Booths, paint or varnish spraying27900Class will be based on density and greatest length
Paint or Varnish Spraying, counter top or table top27950Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 27900
Paint or Varnish Spraying, NOI27960Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 27900
Panels, paint or varnish spraying booth27970Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 27900
New item – Carriers or Racks, bicycle, motorcycle, motor scooter, mobility scooter or wheelchair, vehicle mounting, metal164075Three sub density scale
Carriers, bicycle, motorcycle or motor scooter, steel, bumper mounting164070Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 164075
New item – Workbenches, NOI82250Three sub density scale
Benches, work, NOI, steel79920Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 82250
Benches, work, NOI, wooden79930Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 82250
Corrosive Materials44155Classes will be condensed into three subs, based only on packing group
New item – Floor Drains, metal51130Two sub density scale
Cesspools or Floor Drains50810Cancelled. Moved to NMFC 51130
Pesticides, Defoliants, Fungicides, Herbicides or Insecticides155050Provisions to allow for hazardous materials to move under this item have been removed
Automobile Parts Group – Fillers, arm rest, sponge rubber18700Cancelled as obsolete
Forms, arm rest, iron or steel18720Cancelled as obsolete