With temperatures dipping well below freezing, how do you guard your temperature-sensitive cargo from the harsh winter weather? The solution is a Protect from Freeze service with Mohawk Global.

What is Protect from Freeze?

Protect from Freeze is a service that ensures goods stay at a desired temperate during transit—typically above 32 degrees Fahrenheit. For commodities such as liquids, alcohol, paint, chemicals, batteries, pharmaceuticals, etc., it is crucial for the trailer to maintain an above freezing temperature to preserve quality. Some of the methods carriers use to maintain a shipment’s temperature are heated trailers, Reefer Units running above freezing, temperature-controlled storage areas, weather monitoring, and protective thermal blankets.

How Mohawk Global Can Help

Some carriers cannot guarantee freeze protection and will place an embargo on the shipment, if temperatures drop below a certain benchmark. However, our extensive network of providers gives us the flexibility to meet your cargo’s specific freeze protection requirements. Whether it’s a Less than Truckload (LTL) or dedicated reefer shipment, Mohawk has access to a multitude of options and carriers that will take the proper precautions to get your product to its destination, safely.

Want to discuss our Protect from Freeze service or how the winter weather may affect your goods? Reach out to us at domestic@mohawkglobal.com, and we’ll go over the best option for your needs.

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