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Process for CTPAT Certification

During our meeting, we can review the certification requirements for your business and industry.

To participate in CTPAT, a company must identify and close security gaps, and meet minimum criteria throughout their supply chain. The experienced CTPAT consultants at Mohawk Global Trade Advisors can help you do just that, plus train your staff.

CTPAT Benefits

Are fewer border inspections and better visibility of supply chain risk (and hence, the risk to your reputation) not enough of an enticement?

U.S. Customs strongly advises all CTPAT members to encourage their business partners to participate in CTPAT. Many importers have taken this message to heart, and are requiring their domestic suppliers and vendors to also be CTPAT certified in order to do business with them.

Risk Assessments and Procedures

Our risk assessment process includes sending questionnaires to you and your international business partners. Responses from the questionnaires are used to prepare a written risk assessment report with security gaps noted and recommendations made for filling those gaps.

You and your business partners then review the report and respond to the security gaps. We then prepare your CTPAT security profile based on the responses from the questionnaires and risk assessment report.

Training: Protecting Your Corporate Identity

This training session examines the most common ways that importer identity theft occurs and provides proactive steps to help internal staff prevent corporate identity theft—one of commercial trade’s fastest growing crimes.

Training includes interactive workshop activities to keep staff engaged, and can be given online or onsite at your facilities. We can review the information needed to create a free detailed proposal.

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Meet the Expert

Our CTPAT experts will guide you through the account set up and submission processes in the CTPAT portal; perform annual reviews through conducting international risk assessments and cargo mapping; and write security profiles. Our team has the experience and qualifications to answer all of your CTPAT questions, including the certification process, benefits to your company, and more.

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Abby Frank, CCS, CES

CTPAT Specialist, Advisor

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Our CTPAT Certification
Package includes:

  Supply Chain Risk Assessment

  Country Risk Assessment

  Cargo Flow Table

  Security Profile

  CTPAT Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

  CTPAT Training

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