The Department of Commerce (DOC), U.S. Census Bureau announced the collection of a new conditional data elements required in the Automated Export System (AES).

Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) Category XXI Determination Number must be entered, when “21” is selected under the DDTC United States Munitions List (USML) Category Code field. The FTR defines the DDTC USML Category Code as the USML category of the article being exported.

The new data element collection will help ensure that only commodities that have been determined to be controlled in USML Category XXI by the Director of DDTC’s Office of Defense Trade Controls Policy can be declared as such in AES. As a result of this new data element, a new response message “Response Code: 5C2 CAT XXI DETERMINATION NBR UNKNOWN” was created.

The response message will be informational for at least 90 days. After 90 days, when the final rule becomes effective, the Census Bureau—in cooperation with DDTC and U.S. Customs and Border Protection—will determine a date when the response message will be changed to a fatal error.

For assistance understanding the new data element requirements, reach out to Mohawk Global.

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