New Aluminum Smelt and Cast import declaration reporting are scheduled to go into effect on May 10, 2023. Proclamation 10522 issued by the President states that any imports of aluminum or aluminum derivative articles from Russia—effective March 10, 2023—or where any amount of primary aluminum used in the manufacture of the aluminum articles is smelted in Russia, or the aluminum articles are cast in Russia—effective April 10, 2023— are subject to a 200% ad valorem rate of duty.

Protocol for reporting:

  1. Application is based on the HTS code.
  2. Reporting elements:
    • Primary Country of Smelt
    • Secondary Country of Smelt
    • Country of Cast
  3. “Products of the U.S. are not covered by the countries of smelt and cast reporting requirements. Until further notice, for products of the U.S., filers may report “N/A” for the countries of smelt, and U.S. for country of cast.”
  4. “Filers may report ‘N/A’ for the primary and secondary country of smelt if the product contains only secondary aluminum and no primary aluminum. Secondary aluminum is defined as aluminum metal that is produced from recycled aluminum scrap through a re-melting process.”
  5. Aluminum withdrawn from a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) for consumption also apply.

Software developers have voiced their concerns regarding the timeline to meet the deadline for this new requirement, which could result in a delay in the application or possible “work around,” if trade systems aren’t ready on May 10.

If you have questions regarding this requirement or need assistance reporting, reach out to your Mohawk Global representative.   

By Clarissa Chiclana

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