It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition. It lies between the pit of a shipper’s fears and the peak of their trade advisor’s knowledge. It is an area which we call… no, not the Twilight Zone, but the Trade Compliance Nightmare Zone. The stuff of real, unbridled fear can only be found in these ten trade compliance nightmares.

Just remember – they can all happen to you too.

Follow the links to face your fears and find out once and for all how to avoid your shipment ending up like the ones in these terrifying tales.

  1. Your hard-earned export privileges being taken away all because of an unfavorable end-use check.
  2. Scaring away a customer on an Ex Works shipment because you damaged their freight during loading, and they’re excellent at holding a grudge.
  3. Having your cargo pulled by U.S. Customs for an intensive or stratified compliance exam.
  4. The Department of Justice conducting a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violation investigation on your business.
  5. Being sued by a multimillion dollar company because your corporate identity was stolen by smugglers so they could import counterfeit goods under your name. Terrifying for you, and for the buyer of the counterfeit goods.
  6. Paying antidumping duties… twice.
  7. Paying $5,000 in penalties on a DDP shipment with a late or incorrect Import Security Filing.
  8. Those meddling kids! You’ve been caught, and you owe thousands in penalties for exporting without a proper license.
  9. An Asia Gypsy Moth invasion delaying your shipment. Like spider nightmares, but with wings.
  10. Accidentally revealing crucial product sourcing information to competitors by neglecting to file a Vessel Manifest Confidentiality Request/Renewal with U.S. Customs.

For more information on trade compliance, reach out to your Mohawk Global representative.

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