U.S. Bans Travel to EU: Impacting Air Cargo

March 12, 2020
By Rich Roche

Air banCoronavirus

Last night, the U.S. put a 30-day travel ban on passenger travel from the European Union (EU). Although cargo is not included in the ban, air cargo will still be impacted due to removal of belly space on passenger aircraft whose runs will now be cancelled.

While cargo will continue to move in freighters from Europe, this type of equipment operates in fewer freight hubs and is in limited supply. Cargo that originates outside these areas (that might have moved directly on passenger aircraft) is now being rerouted to the freight hubs, which will quickly be overwhelmed with volume. As a result, we are already seeing air freight charges spike dramatically.

In the meantime, we are actively seeking alternative routings that include utilizing nearby gateways in Canada and charter runs in volume lanes. Please reach out to your Mohawk customer service representative with any questions you have.