Equipment shortages throughout China and Southeast Asia are so severe that carriers with premium trans-Pacific services are unable to guarantee equipment availability. Some vessels are leaving China without full loads because there is not enough equipment. Due to these serious shortages, all shipping routes are reporting freight rate increases, and have added carrier surcharges.

After many months of blank sailings earlier this year, intra-Asia rates have increased due to equipment shortage and lack of space. The past six months have seen an upsurge in 40ft demand, which follows one of the weakest demand periods ever. Intra-Asia volumes are heavily driven by China-Asian trade, which has risen after COVID19 lockdowns have been lifted. If shortages persist, rates will continue to climb.

The shortages similarly impact bookings as well as rates. Without the necessary supply to accommodate the amount of bookings being made in these origins, booking delays and longer than expected processing times will become more common and difficult to navigate.

Ports effected by shortage:

Shanghai: shortage of both 40GP and 40HQ

Nanjing: shortage is moderate, delays in releasing of empty containers

Ningbo: shortage of 40HQ, occasional delays in equipment release

Qingdao: shortage of 20 and 40HQ

Tianjin: shortage of both 40GP and 40HQ

Shenzhen: shortage of 40GP and 40HQ

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