The rising COVID-19 cases throughout Malaysia have hit a record high, with a report of 24,599 new cases on Wednesday, August 26. A full lockdown has been extended until further notice through a Movement Control Order issued by the government. The government has additionally announced a 4-phase National Recovery Plan allowing states to ease out of the lockdown after the daily infection rate in a state falls below 4,000 cases per day.  

See below for updated details on operations in Malaysia:

Ocean Carriers: Delays for arrivals and departures are to be expected as staff are alternating shifts of 60% capacity following government procedures.

Terminal & Customs: Port congestion and staffing shortages contribute to delays. Civil servants are limited to 20% capacity of staff on site.

Truck/Container movement: Testing for interstate truckers is a probable next step.

All bookings have been cancelled or rolled to a September/October vessel for any factory listed under the non-essential sector. Furniture bookings have been most heavily affected as local authorities have restricted measures of loading to three days per week, subject to approval.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates accordingly. If you have shipments moving through Malaysia and have questions, please reach out to your Mohawk Global representative.

Source: M&R Spedag

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