On May 7, the International Trade Administration (ITA) issued its preliminary determination in the antidumping (AD) investigations on aluminum extrusions from China, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam. AD duty cash deposits are now required at the below rates for subject goods entered or withdrawn from the warehouse for consumption on or after May 7.

  • China – zero and 365.19 percent
  • Colombia – 8.85 to 34.47 percent
  • Ecuador – 17.23 to 51.2 percent
  • India – 3.44 to 39.05 percent
  • Indonesia – 5.65 to 112.21 percent
  • Italy – zero to 41.67 percent
  • Malaysia – zero to 27.51 percent
  • Mexico – 9.18 to 82.03 percent
  • South Korea – zero to 43.56 percent
  • Taiwan – 0.73 to 67.86 percent
  • Thailand – 2.02 to 4.04 percent
  • Turkey – 45.41 to 594.55 percent
  • UAE – 9.13 to 42.29 percent
  • Vietnam – 2.85 and 41.84 percent

ITA has revised the scope of these investigations for further revisions, modifications, and/or clarifications of AD duty liability. Due to the complexities concerning these investigations, there might still be situations where products are and are not covered. Importers should carefully review their goods—including finished products that require aluminum extrusions as material components—to avoid unintended duty liability.

The Department of Commerce (DOC) is accepting additional comments from interested parties to submit and request a determination on whether specific products fall within the scope of the investigation. The deadline to submit comments, including new information, is 5:00 pm EDT on May 22, 2024.

Countervailing (CVD) duties are still under investigation, and we will continue monitoring to advise. For help determining whether your goods may be subject to these investigations, please contact your Mohawk Global Representative.

By Clarissa Chiclana

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