Why We’re Developing an Inland Container Port

August 27, 2013
By Rich Roche


You may have read the news about our involvement in the Central New York Inland Port.

Mohawk Global Logistics, in partnership with Synapse Partners and Brang Commercial Real Estate, is overseeing development of this container port in Manlius.

Why build an inland port in Central New York?

  • Adds cost and fuel efficient rail connections to and from on-dock rail terminals in New York port served by truck only today
  • Creates international and domestic pooling opportunities, where import containers can be converted to export loads, each paying in one direction only
  • Provides a secure yard where high value goods can be staged
  • Attracts distribution centers, export warehouse operations, truck to rail conversion, container freight station, cross docking, agricultural operations, and more
  • Reduces carbon emissions by eliminating empty truck miles in favor of more efficient one-way rail connections.
  • Facilitates growth and improves global competitiveness for our region

Though this project is just beginning its transition to a shovel-ready site, once operational, the CNY Inland Port has the potential to transform this region’s logistics and its economy. Mohawk Global Logistics is excited for the opportunities this will bring to the region.

Rich Roche is Vice President, International Transportation for Mohawk Global Logistics.