Hooded figure as ghost in the machine (ACE)

MGTA’s Robert Stein was recently interviewed by American Shipper about the trade’s trials and tribulations with ACE, excerpted below.

“In general, the ACE roll out is making progress. But we struggle day to day because there’s still so many ghosts in the machine that we’re constantly on the phone with Customs and the PGAs,” Mohawk’s Stein said. “We spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to transmit the data. Then once we learn, we spend time dealing with transactions that don’t process. Sometimes the bugs are in Customs’ system. Sometimes they are in our software. And sometimes, it’s difficult to differentiate.”

You can read Eric Kulisch’s “Ghosts in the Machine” in its entirety, here.

Robert Stein is Vice President for Mohawk Global Trade Advisors. He’s a licensed Customs broker and certified Customs specialist. Read more about Robert here.

By Michelle Kelley

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