Documents & Forms


14 Red Flags Checklist
AES Best Compliance Practices
Certificate of Origin
Commercial Invoice
Dangerous Goods Checklists
End Use Certificate
FPPI Authorization
IMO Dangerous Goods Declaration
Intro to Export Controls
ISPM15 Packing Declaration
NAFTA Certificate of Origin Customs Form 434
Recordkeeping Checklist
Sanctioned Persons & Entities Check
Shipper’s Letter of Instructions
Trade Finance Guide (32 pages)


10+2 Worksheet
3299 Supplemental Form
ACE Overview
ADD Blanket Non-Reimbursement Statement
Assembler’s Declaration
Bearing Worksheet
Customs Duty Payment Setup Form
Customs Entry & Recordkeeping Checklist
EPA Notice of Arrival (EPA Form 3540-1)
FDA Form 2877
Footwear Invoice Form
Foreign Shipper’s Declaration
Individual Non-reimbursement Statement
Labeling Children’s Products
Lacey Act Plant & Plant Product Declaration
Manufacturer’s Affidavit
Metal Processing Declaration
NAFTA Certificate of Origin Customs Form 434
Power of Attorney
Pro Forma Invoice
Repacking Certificate Form
Repair/Processing Declaration
Toxic Substances Control Act Form


Cargo Insurance Form
Chargeable Weight Calculator
Colombia Certificate of Origin
Korea Certificate of Origin
Incoterms 2020 Quick Reference Guide
International Trade Acronyms
Mohawk Rules Tariff
SOLAS VGM Submission
Terms & Conditions
Vessel Manifest Confidentiality Letter
MGCX Schedule of Charges

Reference Charts

Air Containers
Incoterms 2020
Ocean Containers
Truck Specs